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 about us
In April, 2000 on the basis of the design studio "New House", Internet dÅvelopers` market player since March, 1998, ISC, a larger and better equipped company, was set up.

The company provides a complete package of services for business development involving Internet and Internet technologies.

Before you launch the development of an Internet project it is essential to determine whether you need an a site and whether it will generate revenues.
Our specialists carry out analysis of your company`s activities, offer ideas on the development of your company or opimizing its current state, then they define the ways of solving the set goals.
When needed specialists of Arthur Andersen and KPMG can provide consulting services to you. Such analysis enables development of Internet projects that serve your concrete situation.
We offer only those solutions, which can really boost the business of our clients.

Technical Goal Development
In the development of the site structure first of all we are guided by the data on your company and your market. The structure will not be hackneyed, it will be developed especially for achieving your aims and objectives.
Our specialists take into consideration the peculiarities of your market and your consumers, the position of your competitors and the capacities of your company. We offer only those projects which can help you and your business.

Over this period the studio has implemented 150 various sophisticated projects. Our specialists devoted many hours of thorough labour to each project, contributing their creative efforts and ideas.
We do not offer a uniform formula of excellent design. We view any project as unique idea, requiring a unique solution. People opt for our studio out of thousand others due to the individual approach and original fulfilment of projects.
We always try to find an acceptable and interesting solution for our client.
We do not divide our consumers into more and less important ones, large and small ones. Once we were a small firm and we know perfectly well that a tiger grows out of a cub.
We also suggest a step-by-step development to the companies which are not eager to spend hips of money in one go on opening its office in the Web. You are welcome with any suggestions.
Call us and we will come to an agreement!

Good programming will spare you the trouble of arranging scripts and tags when the project has been completed and it implies that any member of the staff can seamlessly deal with the site . We provide projects of different levels of complexity with really good support which does not require software expertise and experience to be able to renew and maintain your resource.
We take care of our customers. We aim at enabling convenient navigation of your visitors through the site and simplicity of resource maintenance for your staff.
Given the rapid development of a new trend in the Internet - e-commerce our studio deals with professional creation and maintenance of Internet stores of different complexity levels containing different program fillings (from programs of automatic price-list updating to complicated databases).

We offer hosting on a wide unloaded channel enabling a high speed access (10 Mbs) to your server, a pleasant advantage for you, your clients and your partners.
Our studio also offers domain registration. At our site you can check how busy is the domain you are interested in is.

In addition to the creation of Web-projects we offer a full range of site promotion services, including development of a media plan, conducting advertising campaigns and measuring their efficiency.
We will give you recommendations concerning the distribution of your advertising spendig. We customize your media plan for YOUR web-site, YOUR audience profile and YOUR budget! We do not promise you 10000 visits of your server for 10$ - we do not aim at making your site a most visited one through attracting accidental visitors.
We will attract your target audience selecting internet platforms, intensity of advertising exposure and distribution of the advertising budget following your wishes.
On the completion of the advertising campaign we will submit a report on efficiency of the fulfilled project.

On-line company information is the best means of familiarizing consumers with your company. cd-presentationss allow to provide detailed information about your company using various graphical solutions, sound and other interactive techniques.
A Multimedia disk is irreplaceable demonstration material for your product at exhibitions. Providing information on a CD is suited to be sent to clients from other cities.

Resource Filling and Management
We are trying to minimize your efforts in the development of the project. If you have difficulty in choosing information filling for your resource our specialists will fill your resource in compliance with the pursued aims and the image of your company.
In addition we offer a scope of additional services from producing versions of your resource in different languages to recruiting personnel to bring forward and maintain your resource (if necessary) and searching for partners to boost the development of your resource.

Our specialists test the project before it is launched. It is aimed at ensuring smooth resource operation to you and convenient control and simplicity of use to your clients.
We verify if the resource provides convenient information representation and its memorability, if the way of information representation corresponds to the image of your company.
We think that only after that we have the right to hand over the project to the consumer.

Applying to us your can be sure that our collaboration will not end after the completion of the project. We aim at long term cooperation and we consider serving the produced resources to be one of our primary responsibilities. That`s why we deal with the maintanence of your resource.
We provide continuous resource operation and technical support (as needed), renewal of site design in the future, creation of banners, attendance statistics analysis and more. We see that the resources of our consumers are properly looked after and always keep pace with the time.

Phone us - (095) 105-0517
Write us - info@isc.ru

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